The Knill Group, who are the owners of the worldwide Mosdorfer organisation, aquired the rail equipment business of Pfisterer GmbH at the end of December 2021. The purchase included all of Pfisterer’s IP, manufacturing facilities and personnel related to railway products including Tensorex C+ tensioners, catenary connectors and joints, dropper components, cantilever fittings and measurement equipment.

The Knill group is a family owned and operated Austrian based company established in 1712, which is well recognised as a provider of high quality products and solutions. Their brands include Mosdorfer OHL fittings, DAMP damping systems, GRIDPULSE power grid solution, LORUNSER switchyard components, ROSENDAHL production systems, ELSTA cabinet systems, ALMATEC enclosures and NEXTROM Optical fibre production systems.

As the local office for Mosdorfer/Knill Group, Mosdorfer Graph became the local agent for railway products and have today entered an agreement with Intertech Engineering who will continue to be the source of Tensorex C+ products, training and support until January 2025.

Mosdorfer Graph will handle all other catanery products from now and into the future, while Intertech Engineering will continue to be the sole distributor contact for Tensorex products until 2025.

Both Mosdorfer Graph and Intertech Engineering are working closely in partnership together over the coming period, in order to best support the Australian rail market. Enquiries to either company will be directed to the correct organisation and people.

Our joint aim is to continue the high quality level of equipment supply, support and training to customers in this region, now and into the future.