Mosdorfer has boosted its rail infrastructure services with the acquisition of the Rail Products division of the Pfisterer Group.

For more than 25 years, Mosdorfer has been building a portfolio of safe and reliable power-delivery systems designed specifically for electric railways.

This focus on rail took a huge step forward in December 2021 with the acquisition of the Rail Products division of the Pfisterer Group, manufacturer of high-voltage cable accessories and a system provider in the field of energy infrastructure.

According to Mosdorfer Graph’s Managing Director Anthony Jones, bringing together the products and also the R&D and manufacturing expertise of Mosdorfer and Pfisterer Rail has created a global leader in railroad infrastructure.

“The acquisition includes around 70 employees at three locations in Spain, Italy and the UK, and ideally complements the team and product range of Mosdorfer, which is part of the Knill Energy group of companies based in Weiz, Austria,” he said.

“With its products and systems, Knill Energy makes a significant contribution to the smooth supply of electricity worldwide.

“The core competencies of the Knill Energy companies lie in damping systems and fittings for overhead lines, electric rail infrastructure equipment, monitoring and digital services for line management, and cabinets for energy, telecommunications, traffic and control systems.”

The Pfisterer Group invented the patented automatic spring-tensioning device known as Tensorex C+. Through the interaction of a spiral spring and a cam (a pulley with variable radius), Tensorex C+ exerts a constant pulling force on the wiring system throughout day and night temperature fluctuations and variations through the seasons. This compensates for changes in length and keeps the contact line at a constant geometry.

The high precision of the system response means that the actual operating point can be read at a glance any time – no re-measuring is necessary. With this system there is no need for regular lubrication or greasing. Once in service, the system is maintenance-free.

Knill Energy managing director Christian Knill said the company has risen to become a worldwide specialist in rail infrastructure.

“With the innovative Tensorex C+ technology, we become the world market leader in catenary compensating devices,” he said. “Together with our existing products in overhead lines, this creates exciting opportunities and synergies.”

Complementing the tensioning systems is a huge range of catenary and cantilever systems, customised rail insulators, section insulators, plus an extensive variety of clamps and connectors for metro rail, light rail and high-speed rail networks worldwide.

To find out more about Tensorex C+ and the other Mosdorfer railway infrastructure components, contact Mosdorfer Graph Pty Ltd on +61 3 9899 2431, or email