Frequently Asked Questions2023-10-18T09:35:34+11:00

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Mosdorfer Graph?2023-10-18T22:33:33+11:00

The Mosdorfer name originates from a small town in Austria called Weiz. The town’s records show that in 1712 the Mosdorfer company operated a forge in Weiz to make swords, sickles and knives. As it happens, the company headquarters is still operating on the same site, and still makes forged products there, but now the specialty is in powerline fittings.

Graph Solutions Pty Ltd was founded in Melbourne in 2001 as a specialist supplier of Insulators and Powerline hardware products. After promoting Mosdorfer products for a number of years, the Graph Solutions business was bought by Mosdorfer’s parent company, and so on 1st July 2018 the new entity Mosdorfer Graph was born.

What makes Mosdorfer Graph different?2023-10-18T22:34:26+11:00

Mosdorfer Graph specialises in overhead line equipment, which means we can work with you all the way from design to installation. Our staff take great pride in helping customers with ‘routine’ queries as well as unusual challenges where our in-depth experience can really make a difference. For us, every project is important, and when a customer places their trust in us we bring care and expertise – not just order administration.

Is Mosdorfer Graph a big company?2023-10-18T22:35:16+11:00

Mosdorfer manufactures on 3 continents and has 18 offices with more than a thousand employees around the world. Mosdorfer Graph is a small part of the overall group, but we can call on the vast resources within the group to support any sized project.

Do you stock locally or import to order?2023-10-18T22:36:14+11:00

Both. To support utility period-contracts and day-to-day sales we hold stock in 3rd party warehouses in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth. This gives us the ability to deliver on a next-day basis most of the time. When an item is not held locally we import to order and use our longstanding relationships with manufacturers and logistics specialists to provide timely and cost-effective supply.

What are some of the questions that Mosdorfer Graph can help customers to answer?2023-10-18T22:39:14+11:00
  • Are the Vibration Dampers on our lines working effectively?
  • What are the advantages & disadvantages in different insulating materials?
  • How can I maintain ground clearance on my overhead network while maximizing capacity?
  • Is it possible to reduce the impact of pollution on my overhead powerlines?
  • Can we safely increase the amount of current passing through our transmission network?
  • Am I buying line hardware that is suitable for a cold-temperature environment?
  • Should we use 2R, 4R, or Spiral Dampers?
  • I need to connect new lines to my Transmission network. How can I be sure the existing system will cope, and what effects the new lines will have on the wider network?
  • Can I model Distribution Automation schemes in virtual space before buying any hardware, to help me design the best solution?
  • How do I obtain like-for-like replacements for my old or obsolete insulators?
  • I’m not sure whether to use Spacer Dampers or Line Spacers. Which one is better?
  • I need to build a compact overhead line but can I prevent the conductors clashing?
I am looking for a product but can’t find it on your website. Can you find it for me?2023-10-18T22:40:10+11:00

Through our international network of manufacturers, we can source specific products for special applications, or help you design a product to suit your needs and then get it manufactured. Just call or email us and we will be pleased to help.

How do I know your products are up to standard?2023-10-18T22:41:02+11:00

Mosdorfer Graph checks the credentials of all our manufacturers to ensure they are ISO compliant, and we back this up by regular factory inspections.

Everything we sell is backed by Type, Batch and Routine tests in accordance with the relevant Australian or International standard. We insist on this from our manufacturers so that when we sell a product, our customers can be 100% certain that it will perform as promised. Our customers are invited to witness these tests.

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